Ministry of Human Resources Development’s new Website for NORI application

If you are from India and interested in getting J1 Visa waiver for non-medical cases, you may already know that you need to start with Indian embassy in your region in US. And the J1 waiver process involves getting No Obligation to Return to India (NORI) from three Indian Govt. offices, 1. The State Government […]

J1 Waiver- A Curse: A New Blog on Getting NOC from India and J1 Visa Waiver

Everyone who is visiting this site fully knows the ordeal of getting J1 visa waiver.  And thats why we all get little hope/little encouragement from someone else’s successfully painful journey of J1 to H1B. The whole period of getting J1 visa waiver is so intense and takes so much time that, you feel the effect […]

Certain H1B Visa Spouses With H4 Visa To Get H1B Visa

Just came across this interesting news on spouses of H1B visa holders with H4 visa (Some, not all) can get H1B visa, if they satisfy a few conditions. The new website is reporting that US Govt is finally going to come up with new regulations that will allow about “40,000 skilled immigrants with H4 […]

Did you go through J1 Waiver from India? Share your experience here.

Everyone went through J1 waiver will attest that it is one of the most stressful periods, given that there is so much uncertainties. At least if one does from US, one can take heart from so many people’s experience out on the web. Things do get  crazy if you happened to apply and go through […]

What Is Your Statement of Reason for J1 Visa Waiver at DoS?

No need to stress the importance of a good/valid “statement of reason” while applying for J1 visa waiver at the US Dept of State. Writing a solid statement of reason can vary by difficulty from case to case basis, even while applying for J1 visa waiver under No Objection route for non-medical J1 visas. An […]

How to Expedite J1 Waiver Recommendation From Dept of State?

If you applied for J1 Visa Waiver recommendation from US Dept. of State under No Objection Statement, it typically takes 6 to 8 weeks to get the decision on Favorable recommendation. This J1 Waiver recommendation processing time is after the Dept. of State receives all the necessary documents; including the waiver application from you, processing […]

On Getting NORI NOC for J1 Waiver from Bangalore Passport Office

If you are in the process of getting J1 Visa waiver from India, one of the steps is to get the No Obligation to Return to India (NORI) from the passport office that originally (first) issued your passport. Earlier I wrote a briefly on the timeline of getting J1 Visa waiver NORI certificate from three Indian […]

Sample Statement of Reason for J1 Visa Waiver Application at US Dept. of State

One of the important paper works needed for applying for J1 visa waiver certificate is completing the J1 Visa waiver application at Dept. of State online. Completing the waiver application requires one to pay the fee (offline), fill in details from passport, J1 document and writing a statement of reason for the J1 visa waiver. […]

J1 Visa Waiver Timeline: How Long Does it Take for Dept of State to Recommend Waiver?

Getting J1 visa waiver is a time consuming process, depending on the country of origin the whole process might take about a year from start to finish. Often, when one is in the middle of j1 visa waiver process, one is mainly interested in how long is going to take to finish the step. A […]

Timeline to Get J1 Visa Waiver No Objection Certificates (NORI) From India

One of the most time consuming steps in the process of getting J1 visa waiver is getting No Objection Certificates (NORI: No Obligation to Return To India) from three Indian government offices. The short answer in my case is it took about 4-5 months from the date all the application materials were sent from India. […]